In our current professional work environment, leaders need to be able to make instant adjustments.


Disrupting the old ways of working to navigate businesses and operations immediately into a hybrid virtual model is crucial for business sustainability.

 Implementing remote working at the early stage is tough especially when leaders do not have proper planning and tools to work with. On top of that, managing talents while working remotely is another challenging issue that leaders need to deal with.

So, what is the best approach for you to use to manage your talents in this current environment?

Why should you start disrupting your current style of management?

If you have yet to try applying coaching techniques and introducing this culture in your workplace, this is the best time for you to start using it to manage your talents.

By using coaching techniques in your day-to-day operations and instilling a coaching culture in your workplace, you can enhance employee’s well-being, increase productivity and improve their overall performance as it focuses on the growth of each individual in your team – personally and professionally.

The coach will trigger their thinking to assist them to come out with new insights, perspectives and reflection.

Triggering talents with cognitive and emotive questions will show them how empathetic you are as a leader.

According to research done by Joanna Jarosz, she concluded that talents had a positive impact on their well-being when leaders use coaching techniques in managing them.

Joanna also added that those who applied coaching were also able to perform their own self-assessment, set goals and plan their actions accordingly with extremely good support from their leaders.

In the long run, coaching will give a powerful impact to the whole organization where talents will grow to their maximum potential.

Leaders on the other hand, will be able to focus on planning business strategically and delegate more tasks easily in the future.