We are thrilled to announce and warmly welcome our newest partner to our team!

At Avidity, we have always prided ourselves on being disruptive in our operations. Now, with the inclusion of Kareen, who brings two decades of corporate experience to our door, we are filled with optimism that she will propel the team and the organization to the next level.

We feel incredibly blessed to have amazing and supportive collaborators, associates, and clients like yourself. Therefore, we would loke to ask you to extend your gratitude and congratulations to our new partner, Kareen.

Getting to know Kareen Woo

  • Vice President, International Coaching Federation (ICF) Malaysia
  • Associate Certified Coach, ICF
  • President, avidCoach Faculty
  • 2022 Top New Speaker Award, Vistage Malaysia & Singapore

Kareen is a highly skilled leadership coach known for her expertise in building influence and tenacity. With a diverse background in startups, MNCs, and SMEs, she supports leaders virtually and in person across various industries.

She fosters collaborative partnerships, encouraging diverse perspectives and facilitating growth. Her empathetic approach and deep understanding enable her to provide tailored support to clients, empowering them to drive their success and make a lasting impact.

Renowned for her expertise, broad industry knowledge, and genuine empathy, Kareen equips leaders with the tools to navigate real-world challenges and foster innovation in their fields. With Kareen as their coach, leaders gain the confidence and skills to thrive and achieve their goals.

Getting to know Alex Tan

  • Master Solution Focused Coach (MSFC), IASTI
  • Senior Practitioner (SP), EMCC
  • 101 Top Global Coaching Leaders Award at the World HRD Congress, 2019

Alex, the founder of Avidity International, is a highly experienced leader in coaching and leadership consultancy with over 20 years of dedicated focus. His mission is to bring the Coaching Mindset to organizations through interventions like the Coaching Culture Framework and innovative coaching models like the SERVE Coaching Model.

Alex’s industry recognition includes Gold and Silver awards for Best Executive Coaching Provider by the HR Vendor of the Year. He is certified by renowned bodies like the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), gaining international recognition since 2002.

As a Brain Tumor survivor, Alex specializes in Mental Toughness Coaching, sharing his story of resilience to inspire others.

Game-Changing Partnership