The School of Sumba Hospitality Foundation

Being able to stay in the bamboo pavilions during our avidOutreach Program was a truly incredible experience for us. Visitors and volunteers are welcome to stay at The Sumba Hospitality School, the on-campus hotel school run by The Sumba Hospitality Foundation (SHF). In addition to staying in a hotel, you can get to know the students better and support them as they work to develop the island’s tourism industry, which will ultimately benefit the community.

SHF has made educating the underprivileged youths of Sumba a top priority since 2016. They offer vocational training to high school graduates from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds between the age of 17 to 23 years old. The school is not only focused on practical hospitality training; they also prioritize on the English education, sustainability, permaculture farming, and personal growth. 

The grounds have 5 exquisite bamboo guest pavilions and 4 luxurious pool villas that are managed by the students. The accommodations are exclusively solar-powered, intentionally to serve as an example of sustainable tourism on the island and outside.

The one-week leadership and personal development program we ran with SHF last month was an absolute thrill and a profound experience. We would like to invite our volunteers’ friends to share any experiences they believe the kids could find valuable and engage with them.

We think that the students will be utterly inspired by this kind of act and will recognize that we care for them.