The Importance Of Positive Culture In Your Organization

Positive and constructive work culture is important for employees’ GROWTH and motivation. Whether we admit it or not, lots of organizations are ignoring their people’s emotive-based needs resulting in poor mental health. There must be a sense of urgency to do something about it for the organization and your people to grow or risk the possibility of losing your talents.

Leaders are encouraged to have an emotive-based engagement with a mixture of coaching techniques to avoid a toxic environment in their organizations. Questions like “What do you feel are the right things to do in order for you to move forward and be more confident?”, “What are you happy about despite the situation?” and “Which goal would give you the most sense of satisfaction?” can be used to check on your team’s well-being, feelings and thoughts about their current situation in the organization. Encouraging your team to voice their emotive needs and letting them have a say in the organization will create a resilient team and a positive work culture in a long run.

When we start to focus on our people’s emotive-needs, we build an organizational culture where everyone feels appreciated and cared for. This consequently cultivates the passion for their work.

Watch the full video below to know more on why it is important for you to cultivate a positive culture in your workplace and how coaching can aid in that front.

Start your coaching culture today and empower your talents further.

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