The Culture & Environment Of Sumba

Sumba Island is located in the eastern portion of the Indonesian Archipelago and has its own distinctive splendors. Here you can find hilltop villages with thatched traditional homes and distinctive megalithic graves where locals still pay respect to their ancestors in the ancient Marapu belief. There are four regencies that make up the island; Southwest Sumba, West Sumba, East Sumba, and Central Sumba. Several Austronesian languages are spoken by the locals on this island, including Kambera, which is spoken by majority of Sumbanese people in East Sumba. During our trip, we had the opportunity to stop at a few tourist attractions including Ratenggaro Village, Mandorak Beach, and Weekuri Lagoon. We discovered a lot about the people, customs, and culture of the ancient Marapu people throughout our tour. The tale of the Pasola celebrations, which are often held between February and March, is what most excited us. It is said to bring fertility to the soil when hundreds of warriors on horses charged at each other while riding bareback and flinging spears. The experience was by far the most priceless thing that money could not purchase. We would unquestionably return, and we would adore seeing more of Sumba in the future.


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