Meet The Team

At the core of Avidity International, we are relentless in our pursuit to impact minds and inspire hearts.
In doing so, we enable people to evolve into the best version of themselves that ultimately creates a virtuous chain of impact.​

Purpose Driven Ideas

Avidity International is a Leadership Consultancy specializing in Humanizing Performance. We spearhead innovative solutions that impact the minds of leaders and talents to drive sustainable behavioral change. What sets us apart is our very own well-crafted systemic approach and comprehensive philosophy that we follow by heart. Our philosophy focuses on the Leadership Avidity: a dynamic pentagon of critical mindset philosophies and faculties. Our Leadership Avidity is anchored by the strengths of 5 Mindset Affinities; The EQolution Mindset, The Mental Toughness, The Solution Building Mindset, The Coaching Mindset and Impact Driven Mindset.

We have created, from the ground up, series and programs that entail these 5 Affinities that all lead to growth in your personal and also professional life. These programs, and even more in the making, were specially crafted with specific thoughts and purpose in mind. Our Leadership Avidity philosophy aids us in building a strong foundation of mindsets and thinking when designing our programs. With us, you will be sure to obtain a learning experience that will be grounded, straight to the point and disruptive.

Our organization also leverages strongly on the concept of Evolutionary Change rather than Transformational Change; Evolutionary Change comes from the angle that people can evolve and improve from a stand point where they are already in, they leverage on strengths and resources that are already available. We promote the journey towards growth for you to become a better version of who you are; to assess, refine and emphasize your innate talents. Avidity International serves as the catalyst to expedite this Evolutionary Change.


Our Brand, Our Story

When we were searching for a name to represent not only our identity, but a name that
embodies our philosophy, we hit a brick wall. We knew we wanted the name to
represent enthusiasm, gusto, zeal and most importantly, passion.  
We also knew our mission was to make learning not only an experience, but a journey that
makes people feel invigorated. It is an experience that people are drawn to from their
inner desire because it empowers them.  
It happened by chance that somebody highlighted what we described is akin to
describing somebody who was an avid learner. The word AVIDITY hit us and it almost felt like
being struck by a bolt of lightning!  
With this name, we knew that what we truly wanted to do is to help people own their
avidity for learning, growth and most importantly, themselves. To truly achieve that, we
need to first activate their imagination, captivate their passion and innovate a better
version of themselves.

Our Logo Mark,
The Delta

The Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and in mathematical terms, the uppercase Delta sign represents change and change happens all the time, whether we like it or not.

However, we believe that we can manage and influence the trajectory of the change so that it becomes more purposeful and impactful to our lives. The Delta is the perfect embodiment of this: rather than fearing change, we leverage on it.

Avidity enables you to understand and grasp that change can be manipulated to impact our lives positively and liberate us from mental barriers

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