Our visit to Sumba Island had a great impact on our lives. Even though Sumba Island’s scenery left us speechless, we were stunned to see how the locals lived. When we visited the traditional Sumbanese Village, the poor living conditions they were experiencing brought tears to our eyes.

These villagers have the warmest hearts. They are all incredibly friendly and wonderful. They even extended an invitation for us to visit their homes so we could view how the bamboo houses are set up and what were inside. The bamboo floors of the hut are where the residents sleep without pillows or mattresses. Their kitchen lacked ventilation and was located in the center of the house. Being invited in was such an honor and privilege, and the whole thing left us feeling quite humble.

The Sumba Hospitality Foundation’s students were outstanding! It was heartbreaking to learn about some of these students’ pasts before they were chosen to enroll in SHF, but it was truly fantastic to see how far they had gone with each and every chance that had been provided for them. Their perseverance in working towards their objective of ending the cycle of poverty greatly inspired us.

As mentors, coaches, and facilitators, we spent the majority of our time working with all of the students to help them grow and teach them all there is to know about responsibility, leadership, and personal management.

These kids are wonderful. Each and every one of them made us incredibly proud. We went with the intention to help the students, but we came back having learned the most important things in life from them as they have imparted to us love, kindness, humility, and genuine generosity.

We would like to see more trainers from different industries collaborate in order to empower these people. See for yourself how incredible this foundation is and how exceptional the kids are. To give a brief overview of our journey, we would like to share this highlight video with everyone. We hope that this small deed may inspire all our friends to assist the less fortunate in the future.


It is incredible to see our network coming together in support of such a noble cause. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who donated to our fundraising effort for the Sumba community in conjunction with the one-week program we held with Sumba Hospitality Foundation.

We are ecstatic to be able to contribute to improving a community where many households lack the support and attention that everyone deserves. As a result of our fundraising efforts, we were able to raise sufficient funds for washable sanitary pads and sports equipment worth RM5,000, which enabled us to make an even greater impact on the youth of Sumba.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed to this campaign and for your outstanding support thus far. The SHF community has undoubtedly been immensely impacted and inspired by everyone’s warmth and generosity.

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