Sumba Hospitality Foundation

Sumba, a small island in eastern Indonesia, is one of the poorest regions of the country. Plenty of families live in adversities and the opportunities to attain a better life are rather narrow.

Sumba Hospitality Foundation is an organization that aims to provide young Sumbanese the opportunity of vocational education in hopes to equip them with the right skills and increase their employment opportunities. They believe that all young people deserve the chance to grow and have the option of a better life.

Sumba Hospitality Foundation exists to help the students that attend to end the circle of poverty through trainings, workshops, and classroom education – upskilling and reskilling.

Avidity International shares this belief and thus has – alongside Sumba Hospitality Foundation – embarked on a voluntary task to empower young Sumbanese through a one-week leadership and personal development program. Our objective aligned with the foundation as we wished to increase the knowledge and skills needed by these impressionable Sumbanese youths in the employment field.

We were proud to have taken on this voluntary mission to empower young Sumbanese further through the program.

We have conducted 3 separate modules as the program progressed;

– Personal Disruptive & Personal Leadership

– Growth Mindset & Personal Growth

– Leading Self and Others with Compassion

Now, we would like to engage you and the community to aid us in creating a bigger impact for the people of Sumba. We are conducting a fundraising campaign in tandem of the program.

Our current target is to reach a total of RM 5,000 to purchase washable sanitary pads and sports equipment for the Sumba community. We believe that this small gesture to better their lives through healthcare will be a boost of motivation for the people of Sumba and at the same time show that the world cares for them.

We hope that you can lend a helping hand and donate either through Duit Now or Touch ‘n Go eWallet transaction. Contact us to find out more on how you can contribute.

Let’s make a positive change to the world and its communities one step at a time together!