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The Solution Focused in Action (SOFA) Program is designed based on the internationally recognized Solution Focused Approach. This program helps leaders to look at problems, detach from them and reframe as well as internalize a solution-focused mindset and mentality.

The SOFA Program is filled with tools that derive their fundamentals from positive psychology, strength-based and appreciative inquiry, which are all contemporary models that create new generations of leaders that are more engaging and strength-based solutions focused in nature.

It is suitable for leaders who are looking for a change in their work culture to leverage past successes enabling strength and the pursuit of a positive future.

Who should attend

Leaders who want to create a solution-building culture through practical applications of
solution-focused approaches.


How to reframe and internalize a Solution-Focused Mindset And Mentality.

A contemporary leadership model that is more engaging and focuses on strength-based solutions.

How to create a new work culture focusing on finding a solution rather than finding the root cause of the problem.

New tools derived from positive psychology, strength-based and appreciative inquiry.

Assist leaders on how to leverage individuals and team past successes and duplicate It In the future.

The Future Of Learning

The Learner’s eXperience (LX) has changed significantly. It used to be just show and tell. But now learners expect a more wholesome experience. We have reimagined how we engage and provide face-to-face and virtual learning to our participants. We believe in using technology and new approaches for this ever-changing environment.

Our face-to-face and virtual learning experience adapts and leverages the Future of Learning approaches, such as Collaborative Platforms, Avidity Academy’s Online Learning Platform, and also Bite-sized micro-learning through videos, quizzes, and reflections. Learning through mobile apps has also been our focus to make learning engaging, fun, accessible anywhere and anytime.

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