Our 8th Year Anniversary

Avidity International turns 8!

It is remarkable to consider how far we have come; the founder went through blindness, a life threatening episode, and more recently we did not just survived the pandemic but we have built a foundation that allowed us to thrive. We have come out of it better and stronger now than we have ever been before.

Organizing this activity was undoubtedly more than just for our entertainment, This milestone and celebration was also our way to count our blessings and to acknowledge each other as fellow colleagues, friends and comrade. We celebrate big wins and small wins together; we believe is celebrating talents and success!

Now we look forward, leveraging on the strong foundation we’ve built, we’re certainly eager to continue to create and achieve more milestones together. We know that there’s be more trials and tribulations, but we’re confident that we’ll prevail because we have our values, our purpose and each other!

We’ll also like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners, clients and friends for your love and support! We promise to continue to stay disruptive and strive to surpass our yesterday.

We’ll grow when we help you grow, so you can count on us to be committed!

Here’s to many more years of impacting minds and inspiring hearts!