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On a daily basis, a majority of us are bombarded with challenges and conundrums that not only stretch our superficial capabilities, but also erodes our mental fortitude. As the leading expert in Mental Toughness, Avidity has come a long way to help teams leverage on those experiences and evolve it into powerful insights and lessons for them to become mentally stronger, all while infused and backed by scientific research.


We believe that Mental Toughness is a competency that can be learned, however, it is not necessarily an easy endeavour. Organizations that demonstrate great resilience and grit are ones that focus on their fundamental core strength: the minds of its people.

It should be every organization’s top priority to ensure that its people are not only equipped with coping and resiliency skills, but that they also have strong mental fortitude that is constantly strengthened, tested and reinforced


Possessing a team-oriented attitude and mindset


Having self-belief and trust during stressful situations Possessing a team-oriented attitude and mindset

The 5Cs


Being calm and handling competitive pressure and anxiety


Focusing on what really matters without being distracted

Mental Toughness Qualities:
The Five C's Mental Toughness Development Model
(Tham & Weigand, 2010)


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