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Successful people not only achieve their goals by doing the same thing repeatedly, but constantly pursue to break barriers and improve their results. An athlete gets good at his sport because he practices daily but never settles for an average outcome. Being disciplined with specific routines, yet constantly driven to excel each time is the trademark of an Athlete’s Mindset.

It is a focused energy that is purified from any stressors or cloudiness. It is the ability to practice mindfulness in order to commit oneself wholly to the task at hand.

Also contributing to high performance are the synergetic use of cognitive and emotive strengths and drivers. The elite CorporateAthlete emerge when they are able to complement their intelligence (cognitive) with the ability to harness emotional drivers (emotive) such as motivation, passion, beliefs and values. Emotionally-centered CorporateAthlete are masters of self-confidence, self-control, resilience or in other words Mental Toughness.

A true corporate athlete is someone who is disciplined, trains as a professional and executes with precision and focus. They do not achieve success by chance, but through methodological design, process and usage of the best tools such as coaches, data analytics, and technology.

Who should attend

Leaders who truly want to excel. Leaders who want to embrace the athlete’s mindset in achieving performance and breakthrough results. Leaders who want to understand the contemporary approach to effective Self-Leadership and Performance.

Become A CorporateAthlete

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Learn the 21ˢᵗ Century Leader Model and the CorporateAthlete as part of its main Personas.

Learn WHO is a CorporateAthlete and how it amplifies Self Leadership.

Learn and Understand the Fitness Mindset and Mental Toughness that enhances both Mental and Physical fitness.

Learn the Powerful Psychological Advantage of a CorporateAthlete.

Learn the 10 Key Characteristics to be a top performing CorporateAthlete.

Learn to apply key performance practices to enhance Self Leadership.

The Future Of Learning

The Learner’s eXperience (LX) has changed significantly. It used to be just show and tell. But now learners expect a more wholesome experience. We have reimagined how we engage and provide face-to-face and virtual learning to our participants. We believe in using technology and new approaches for this ever-changing environment.

Our face-to-face and virtual learning experience adapts and leverages the Future of Learning approaches, such as Collaborative Platforms, Avidity Academy’s Online Learning Platform, and also Bite-sized micro-learning through videos, quizzes, and reflections. Learning through mobile apps has also been our focus to make learning engaging, fun, accessible anywhere and anytime.

Find Out How You Can Bring Your Organization To It's Best Potential.