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Explore in-depth the intricacies of specific skills and expertise through our Masterclasses. These condensed yet powerful sessions offer a dedicated platform to refine your abilities. Uncover the secrets of effective leadership, grasp innovative coaching techniques, and discover strategies to maximize your capabilities. Our seasoned professionals share invaluable insights, providing actionable strategies ready for application.

This Heartstorm Masterclass is a hands-on session that seeks to revolutionize how leaders use emotive strengths in the workplace. As we move towards technological advancement, we need to be better equipped with how they can be leveraged on emotive capabilities, improving emotional intelligence.

Heartstorm is the newest and innovative management approach that has been trademarked. Be among the first in the industry to experience this new approach first hand.

The SurpassYesterday Masterclass is an annual initiative that empowers people who wants to take charge of their life and disrupt themselves. This Masterclass focuses on helping you look at personal development in 6 distinct areas and purposefully craft better goals that will allow you to elevate yourself to the next level.

Delve into the intricacies of this Masterclass and empower yourself to effectively track your goals and build a clear roadmap for success.

It is essential for leaders in the 21st century to move beyond conventional root cause analysis and problem talk. This Masterclass will introduce the solution-focused culture, an approach that shifts leader and organizations towards what works — appreciating strengths and ambitioning best hopes.

The Solution-Focused Masterclass is designed to give a hands-on experience that would immediately shifts the way you build solutions. You will never see problem solving “with the same lens again”.


Participate in a diverse range of enriching experiences crafted to enhance a variety of skills. Our Public Programs provide a comprehensive learning path, encouraging participants to delve into multiple aspects of personal and professional growth. From dynamic programs focusing on impactful Applied Coaching methods to leadership skills through the Athlete’s Mindset, these programs create a nurturing space for development and teamwork.

The Customer-Focused and Relationship Effectiveness (CARE) Program empowers participants to adopt a customer-centric mindset and embrace relationship building. Discover how this specialty program helps organizations foster trust, customer-centricity, and a comprehensive customer-focused culture. Build honest relationships and serve from the heart for sustainable success. The CARE Program is a HRD Corp/HRDF claimable training program.

The PEAC® Program is a revolutionary coaching program, designed to help leaders make coaching the preferred leadership stance and apply coaching techniques in daily operational settings. It empowers leaders to become people-centric and activate a coaching culture in their organization.The PEAC® Program is a HRD Corp/HRDF claimable training program.

The CorporateAthlete Program is revolutionary in its approach towards developing your Self-Leadership. Learn the 21st Century Leader Model, Mental Toughness, and the 10 Key Characteristics to become a top-performing leader in your organization.The CorporateAthlete Program is a HRD Corp/HRDF claimable training program.

Real Conversation

Embark on insightful journeys through our carefully curated Real Conversations. These sessions delve into relevant topics shaping the corporate world and personal development. Connect with industry experts, thought leaders, and influential figures as they share valuable insights, spark discussions, and motivate meaningful change. From building resilience to fostering a mindset for growth, these talks empower individuals to tackle challenges and embrace ongoing learning.

ICF Accredited Solution Focused Coach Training

Avidity International has been appointed the official training and certification partner to bring Solution Focused Coaching and Certification in Malaysia. The Academy of Solution Focused Training has been the leading coaching skills center training and equipping coaches since 2004.

With the Academy, you have the most direct pathway to Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as well as joining the vibrant Solution Focused practitioners and coach community in Asia.

Avidity International, together with The Academy of Solution Focused Training, have the mission to now provide premium Solution Focused Coaching Training and Certification programs to the Malaysian shore.

Level 1: Overview Fundamentals of Solution Focused Coaching

Level 1 Training provides a solid foundation in the history, philosophy and mindset of Solution Focused Coaching, with a coherent coaching framework, and an elegant set of coaching tools and questioning techniques. The ICF Core Coaching Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics are reviewed and observed. With a focus on coaching skills development, the training program includes discussions, reflections, practice, demonstrations, Mentor Coaching and Observed Coaching.

2024 Level 1: Schedule
Fundamentals of Solution Focused Coaching
60 hours | Face To Face | 15 pax 

  • Date: Cohort 2
    Module 1: February 26 till February 28 ,
    Module 2: March 25  till March 27

  • Date:Cohort 3
    Module 1: May 28 till May 30 ,
    Module 2: July 2 till July 4
2024 Level 1: Schedule Fundamentals of Solution Focused Coaching Virtual  

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