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Avidity International is a Leadership Consultancy specializing in Humanizing Performance. What sets us apart is our systematic approach and comprehensive philosophy via Leadership Avidity. It is anchored by the strength of the 5 Mindset Affinities;  The EQolution Mindset, The Mental Toughness, The Solution Building Mindset, The Coaching Mindset and Impact Driven Mindset.

What Are The 5 Affinities?

What Are The 5 Affinities?

The EQolution Mindset approach aims to create an organization that uses emotions so intelligently that it becomes a driving force that amplifies productivity, motivation, perseverance and morale.

It should be every organization’s top priority to ensure that its people are not only equipped with coping and resiliency skills, but also have strong mental fortitude that is constantly strengthened, tested and reinforced.

We believe that everyone can benefit from coaching, but more often than not, coaching is not always readily available for all. We aspire to provide a systemic approach towards cultivating homegrown internal coaches so that organizations can be self-sustaining when it comes to coaching and grooming their talents. We strive to make coaching accessible for all levels, as we are a believer that coaching is a philosophy that transcends titles and hierarchy in the best environment.

To be sustainable in this fast-paced world, we believe that an organization has to constantly seek for new solutions even when there are no problems arising. The Solution Building Mindset will create a culture of innovation that will ensure organizations remain at the forefront of their industries

We believe that if our people are truly inspired and are Purpose and Impact Driven, we will always be guided to do what is right and sustainable, instead of what is easy and profitable. This ecosystem is one that will determine the longevity of future organizations, one that takes care of its resources, beneficiaries, environment and talents.

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We believe that when you engage the mindset of talents, organizations can achieve Balance, Sustainability, Productivity, Quality and Efficiency.

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