Happy Malaysia Day

Happy Malaysia Day to all our Malaysian brothers and sisters!

As we all now know, every year on September 16th, Malaysia Day is acknowledged as a holiday to honor the Malaysian federation. The Malaysian federation was established in 1963, and on the same day, Malaysia Day was formally recognized.

Take this time to foster national pride and create long lasting memories with our compatriots. To celebrate this historic day, spend time with our friends and family and build new memories together as your own mark in history. We have to continue to Grow and Strengthen our bonds as a nation under one flag.

Let’s appreciate the years we have spent together and celebrate our nation’s distinctive diversity and cohesion in solidarity.


The bond and togetherness that we share as one nation is something that was built upon for years. Even the fact that we have many shared routines, interests, and habits with our friends and neighbors from all backgrounds demonstrates how Malaysians are fundamentally the same.

These common interests and culture are what define us as one community. We are brothers and sisters under one flag and we are proud to be Malaysians no matter what.

So, in celebration of Malaysia Day this year, we decided to ask the Avidian some questions about a few common Malaysian behaviors and interests. Let’s see how they fare.

You can play along as well! What are some your answers to the questions?

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