Happy Deepavali

Today marks the holiest and most blessed day in the Hindu Calendar. It is celebrated to honor the triumph of light over dark and good over evil. Deepavali or Diwali gets its name from Sanskrit Deepavali which means the “row of clay lamps” that Hindus would light outside their homes. It symbolizes the inner light that protects them from spiritual darkness.

Let us also consider this auspicious day as a fresh start to recognize the light and goodness in the people around us. Make this year’s Diwali a wonderful memory to strengthen existing relationships with everyone around you and help bring out the best in other people.

Avidity International would like to take this opportunity to wish all Hindus around the world a Happy Diwali! May this year’s Diwali bring you happiness, peace, prosperity, and joy!

Have a blessed Diwali celebration.

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