Fortitude, Optimism,
Resilience, Tenacity
(FORT) Program


The Fortitude, Optimism, Resilience, Tenacity (FORT) Program is a specialty program to answer the call of today’s needs in addressing mental well-being at the workplace. It is more pertinent than ever before for organizations to ensure the psychological, emotional, and mental well-being of their people and talents so that they can translate that into performance at the workplace.

The FORT Program has a unique approach where it talks about helping our people anchor their motivations to their purpose, passion, and meaning, which are the elements that Fortify our mental strength. Then, it moves towards creating Optimism, where the program helps leaders design positive futures so that they are clear on what is wanted rather than what needs to be avoided. When the anchor and positive future are created, the program then helps participants design elements on how to stay Resilient to achieve those goals effectively.

The program also addresses a very important factor, which is Tenacity, or perseverance, in achieving desired goals even during challenging and difficult situations in personal and professional environments. Together, these four components bring out the FORT Program.

We create mentally tough leaders not by asking them to survive challenging situations but by helping them reframe their perspective and future outlook with images on how they can thrive. When everybody is collaborative and collected in building strong positive foundations for the future, we can then leverage group support to build strong mental toughness at the workplace


To learn how to have FORT as a leader to successfully lead the team in an organization.

To learn how can FORT help both leaders' and employees’ mental well-being at the workplace.

To learn a systemic approach that focuses on both the cognitive and emotive elements that help strengthen mental fortitude and enhance performance and relationships.

To learn and assist leaders how to achieve goals during challenging situations by staying resilient and addressing tenacity.

To learn and assist leaders to reframe their perspectives by imagining how they can thrive.

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