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ESG is an increasingly complex strategic issue for many organizations, and it can be a profoundly ambiguous and confusing term that is challenging for organizations to grapple with and operationalize. What is the private sector’s unique role in addressing sustainability, particularly compared to other institutions like the government or the non-profit sector? How does sustainability move from "feel-good" public relations and meaningless buzzwords to effective, actionable strategies that align with an organization's goals? What makes sustainability efforts sustainable?

The good news is that, as organizations strive to create and deliver value, sustainability can provide a distinct engine for innovation and growth. In this training, you will acquire two valuable frameworks for evaluating sustainability efforts. Using these frameworks, you will identify the implications of sustainability for different roles within your organization and any gaps in your current approach. You will also answer critical questions to ensure that ESG is a strategic growth driver for your organization. The need for sustainable business development is urgent, and this course will allow you to set a solid foundation for achieving your sustainability goals.

Who should attend

This program is suitable for managers and organization leaders who want to understand and assess their organization’s role in addressing ESG.


• Assess your organization's current approach to ESG
• Map the roles, goals, and approaches to ESG within your organization and reassess paradigms.


Module 1: Assess Organization’s Approach to Sustainability

• Understanding ESG
• What are the stakes in Malaysia?
• Understanding the Private Sector’s Unique Role in ESG
• Sustainable Value Matrix

Module 2: Mapping Role, Goals, and Approaches

• Outlining and defining organizations' strategies
• Pitchfork Framework

Module 3: Sustainability as a Core Business & Driver

• Sustainability as a Source of Innovation and Growth
• Evaluation of Organization
• Elevator Pitch for your organization's sustainability plans

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