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Managing operations effectively is crucial for forward-looking organizations to be more successful. Leaders need to be effective at managing tasks in operations by equipping themselves with contemporary managerial tools.

The Managerial Effectiveness (MAGE) Program will highlight some of the best practices based on new findings and approaches on the market, organizations, and customer profiles.

Essentially the program aims to equip managers with best practice tool such as SWOT and Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, and at the same time with contemporary managerial tools like the Compree Model, START Model and HeartStorm.

Who should attend

People managers who desire to enhance their ability to manage operations better with the best-in-class managerial tools and emotional intelligence practices.


The fundamentals of how to be an effective manager.

Basic managerial tools such as The SWOT Analysis, The Eisenhower Matrix, The Maslow Hierarchy.

Contemporary managerial tools such as The Compree Model, The TIP Model, The RISKS Model,
and The START Model.

The contemporary Emotive-Based ideation approach called The HeartStorming Approach as a complement to the Brainstorming Approach.

The Future Of Learning

The Learner’s eXperience (LX) has changed significantly. It used to be just show and tell. But now learners expect a more wholesome experience. We have reimagined how we engage and provide face-to-face and virtual learning to our participants. We believe in using technology and new approaches for this ever-changing environment.

Our face-to-face and virtual learning experience adapts and leverages the Future of Learning approaches, such as Collaborative Platforms, Avidity Academy’s Online Learning Platform, and also Bite-sized micro-learning through videos, quizzes, and reflections. Learning through mobile apps has also been our focus to make learning engaging, fun, accessible anywhere and anytime.

Find Out How You Can Maximize Managerial Effectiveness With Contemporary Techniques.