The Talent Management Development Series

Organizations that want to create unique competitive leaders out of the homogenous market greatly do so through effective talent management. Leadership development and managerial capacity building have to be the core focuses for any organization that are serious about taking their business to the next level – particularly at the global frontier.

The biggest opportunity in building and enhancing leadership capabilities lies at the mid-management position – the critical position within an organization that manages expectations of talents both above and below them. It is imperative to strengthen this group of leaders as they are the core of any organization.

The Talent Management Development Framework

The Talent Management Development Series entails specialty developmental programs that target to enhance mid-level emerging leaders with core managerial skills, effective workplace emotional intelligence, strong mental fortitude, and team effectiveness through applied coaching.

Through this purposefully designed Talent Management Development Series, you are assured of a structured and proven framework that can be utilized to develop your future leaders. With our tried and tested technology assisted experience through our Avidity Academy Learning Management Systems, you are ensured a learning experience that promotes longevity.

Key Focus and Objectives

  • To become more aware of Self-Leadership and the necessary Personal-Disruption required for breakthrough leadership development.
  • To unify emerging leaders through a structured and comprehensive leadership development series.
  • To introduce and focus on the application of contemporary managerial effectiveness tools, approaches, and strategies.
  • To streamline performance effectiveness through the usage of multiple customized interactions that are applied in the work environment.


Avidity Academy’s Talent Management Platform

  • Quick notes and articles to ensure a long-lasting and autonomous learning environment
  • Quizzes and reflections that will enable participant’s retention of memory in learning
  • Provides a wide array of functions that make learning fun and engaging
  • An all-in-one platform to supply coaching materials to participants
  • Bite-sized videos to accompany participant’s coaching journey


Avidity Academy’s Online Learning Management System

  • Manage all of your participants in a single platform
  • Track and develop habits easily throughout cohorts
  • A one stop to create to-dos or tasks for your participants
  • Create program journey and set custom tasks to complete
  • Create meeting and agenda scheduler as reminders to participants
  • Build and support your community with social feed or different conversation channels
  • Helps streamline your workflow and allow your participants to access their journey easier

People Empowered
Through Applied
Coaching Program

Leaders in the 21st century are expected to be empathetic, delegate effectively, coach, and ultimately empower their talents to become a better version of themselves. The copyrighted and trademarked People Empowered Through Applied Coaching Program, is designed to assist leaders in identifying practical operational scenarios, where the coaching techniques can be applied.

PEAC™ has been lauded to be one of the most practical programs that have significantly changed the effectiveness of people managers. Not only does it empower people, it inadvertently improves daily operations and gives birth to a more empowered corporate workforce.


Managing operations effectively is crucial for forward-looking organizations to be more successful. Leaders need to be effective at managing tasks in operations by equipping themselves with contemporary managerial tools.

The Managerial Effectiveness (MAGE) Program will highlight some of the best practices based on new findings and approaches on the market, organizations, and customer profiles. We will introduce The START Model for Project Management, the RISKS Model for Goals Setting, and the Heartstorm Model for Emotive-based Ideation processes for leaders to manage operations better.

Leadership Emotive
Agility Program

The Leadership Emotive Agility Program (LEAP) focuses on leadership effectiveness by leveraging smart usage of emotions in the workplace. It emphasizes not only the ‘what’ of emotional intelligence, but very specifically the ‘how-to’ approach to making emotional intelligence available in the workplace.

This program aims to help leaders become agile and practical in many volatile environments that would involve managing emotive elements when dealing with people by infusing their cognitive ability with emotive perspectives. This will help leaders to become the enablers for the positive use of emotions in the workplace.

Fortitude, Optimism,
Resilience, Tenacity

The Fortitude, Optimism, Resilience, Tenacity (FORT) Program is curated to answer the call of today’s needs in addressing mental well-being at the workplace. This program aims to create mentally tough leaders not by asking them to survive challenging situations but by helping them reframe their perspective and future outlook with images on how they can thrive.

The FORT Program takes a unique approach where it emphasizes the need of empowering individuals to build their mental fortitude and cultivate optimism that will enable them to envision successful futures. The program will also help the participants develop coping mechanisms for retaining resilience and tenacity in the face of adverse conditions in both their personal and professional lives.

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