Ever since COVID-19 first hit our shores,the Avidity Group of Companies has stepped up to provide #avidOutreach support for various community groups.


#VirtualMamak Korporat & Real Conversations

The webinars were designed to be a manifestation of coaching, where audiences get the same mind triggers, questions, and knowledge as they would from a coaching session.

We are proud that these series successfully gathered industry and thought leaders to engage, challenge and support each other in a collaborative approach and in total, we amassed more than 400 attendees.

Attendees also stated that our sessions give them the assurance needed in navigating these unprecedented times as a leader, and the fact that the webinars feel more like a 2-way team coaching session rather than a 1-way webinar has made Avidity an elite choice in providing leadership support during the MCO.


Coaching campaigns for navigating
in tumultuous times

Leveraging on our strength and expertise in Emotional Intelligence, or EQ-based coaching, Avidity started #CoachItForward to provide support for two main groups of professionals that were at high risk of being emotionally and psychologically impacted from COVID-19: healthcare providers (frontliner heroes) and HR practitioners (organizational heroes).As a result, we successfully coached more than 30 frontliners and 8 HR leaders in navigating the tumultuous times and it was one of the most rewarding coaching campaigns that we have ever initiated.​

#Malaysia Kuat

A Community-Driven Social Support Session

#MalaysiaKuat is a 90-minute virtual social support session featuring Impact Builders from a diverse range of industries. Each Impact Builder spends 5 minutes to share their experience, insights and tips based on the weekly topics and all participants get a chance to network and exchange stories after the sharings.

The topics for #MalaysiaKuat are aimed to provide social support for Malaysians as we face the seasonal lockdowns in the era of COVID-19.

To date, we have had the pleasure of hosting more than 200 participants!

Virtual Brown Bag

Tips and sharing on the essentials and trends of coaching for organizations.

As a big proponent of the power of coaching in supporting wellbeing, we conducted complimentary virtual Brown Bag sessions to give essential training on how managers can coach staff remotely and give awareness on how coaching can best be used and activated during times of crisis. This topic was a major success and was taken up by six organizations covering more than 200 managers.