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Kareen is a highly skilled leadership coach who offers her expertise both virtually and in person. With a focus on building leadership influence and tenacity, she supports leaders to consistently thrive and achieve their goals. Her extensive experience in coaching leaders spans across various industries, including services, media and marketing, retail, finance, automotive, trading, IT, and green technologies.

What sets Kareen apart is her diverse background, having worked in different roles and organizations such as startups, MNCs, and SMEs. This breadth of experience gives her a unique advantage when working with clients.

One of Kareen’s strengths lies in her ability to foster collaborative partnerships with her clients. She encourages them to explore different perspectives and approaches, facilitating growth and innovation. By engaging in this collaborative process, Kareen empowers her clients to discover new ways of thinking and doing, ultimately leading to enhanced leadership effectiveness.

Furthermore, Kareen is renowned for her exceptional empathy and understanding of her clients’ real-world situations and challenges. She has a remarkable capacity to relate to their circumstances and provide support accordingly. This empathetic approach enables her clients to feel heard and understood, fostering a trusting and productive coaching relationship.

Whether coaching virtually or in person, Kareen’s clients benefit from her profound expertise, broad industry knowledge, and genuine empathy. Through her coaching, leaders are equipped with the skills and mindset necessary to drive their own success and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.

Coaching Experiences

Retail, Automotive, Media, Marketing, IT, Trading, Manufcaturing, Start-ups

Client Portfolio

C-Suite, C-Suite Successors, Senior Executives, Hi-Potentials, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Trailblazers.

Coaching Specialization

Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Leaders Influence, Leadership Presence, Resilience, Leadership Development, Persuasion Skill


What You Can Expect.

Engaging, Empathethic, Creative,

Coaching Philosophy

Kareen uses a customized approach for each of her coachees, carefully selecting techniques and styles that best suit the leader's needs in order to support them in achieving their goals. Recognizing that each individual is unique, she adapts her coaching methods fluidly.

She firmly believe in challenging her coachees to think outside of their comfort zones. By encouraging them to explore fresh perspectives, Kareen helps them unlock new possibilities and break through limitations. In doing so, she creates a safe and supportive environment where they can freely share their vulnerabilities.

Kareen’s coaching approach is designed to foster growth and development while ensuring that her coachees feel empowered and inspired. Through open dialogue and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking, Kareen coaches leaders to expand their horizons and discover innovative solutions to their challenges. By embracing a supportive yet invigorating coaching environment, her coachees are encouraged to embrace change and realize their potential