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Alex Tan

There are new emerging leadership thought leaders in every generation. Alex is certainly someone who is being recognized for his influence in the domain. While many may think that he specializes in a broad spectrum of leadership, he is in fact focused on the Leadership Avidity: a dynamic pentagon of critical mindset philosophies and faculties.

The Athlete’s Mind and the Transcendent Mind are the products of Alex’s 20 years of amalgamating successful science, philosophies and practical experiences into Thought Leadership that can now be duplicated by other leaders in the industry.

Alex maintains an exclusive number of leaders across the region from Fortune 500 companies as well as dynamic leaders from Forbes 30 under 30 that he mentors and coaches. The success of his clients became his best testimony in being recognized by the industry as back-to-back recipient of the HR Vendor of the Year Award for Best Executive Coaching and 101 Top Coaches by World HRD Conference.

He is one of the best Mental Toughness coaches in the region not only because of his expertise, but also due to his inspiring personal story of being a proud Brain Tumor Survivor, Blindness Survivor and Rare Disorders Warrior. This experience has repurposed his vision in life to one that focuses on impacting mindsets and lives.


Joe Chan,
​Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Joe is a Master Solution-Focused Practitioner and a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) specializing in Solution Focused Approach with teams and individuals. Joe has over 10 years of experience leading and managing teams in the non – profit sector, working with various stakeholders and partners from the government, private and the community through different initiatives. With his background in Social Work, Emotional Intelligence, Solution Focused therapy and coaching, he is passionate in bringing out the hidden potential of every individual.

In his journey working with people since 2004, Joe has witnessed the power of transformation in different individuals and teams through mentoring and coaching. He believes that as long as we co – create the right conditions for the growth and development around every individual and team, we will be able to tap into best versions of them.

Because of Joe’s passion for learning and sharing, he has had the privilege to present in professional conferences and platforms both locally and internationally on the applications of Solution Focused Approach in his works. He was also invited to speak and share on national TV and radio on issues like mental health, relationships and mentoring.

Recently he also published a book called “Youth Lenses”, and he is a contributor to the following books as well “Solution Focused Practice in Asia, The Solution Focused Approach with Children and Young People and Solution Focused Practice Around the World”.


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