July 2023

Happy Hijri New Year

On this special day, we would like to wish you all a Happy Hijri New Year, also known as Awal Muharram in Malay! This significant occasion marks the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar and is a time for reflection, renewal, and growth. At Avidity International, we embrace the values of growth and sustainability that the Islamic New Year celebrates.
We believe that growth and sustainability are fundamental pillars of personal and professional success. It is a great reminder for us all to embrace growth by setting goals, nurturing relationships, and cultivating a sustainable mindset physically and spiritually.


We are thrilled to announce and warmly welcome our newest partner to our team!
At Avidity, we have always prided ourselves on being disruptive in our operations. Now, with the inclusion of Kareen, who brings two decades of corporate experience to our door, we are filled with optimism that she will propel the team and the organization to the next level.

SF-Day 1-19

Inaugural ICF Accredited Solution Focused Coach Training

We are proud to announce that today marks the first day of the inaugural ICF Accredited Solution Focused Coach Training by the Academy of Solution Focused Malaysia. Truth be told, this milestone was five years in the making, and we have been planting the seeds to bring Solution Focused coaching to Malaysia for a while now.
Over the next two days, our certification program will immerse participants in a transformative learning experience like no other. With a focus on practical application and real-world scenarios, we aim to equip participants with the necessary skills and tools to create positive change in the lives of individuals and organizations.