April 2023

Happy Eid Al-Fitr

As we greet the arrival of Shawwal, we mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the fasting season. This joyous occasion is a time for all Muslims around the world to come together and celebrate Allah’s blessings and togetherness as one whole community. Eid Al-Fitr represents a time of reflection, gratitude, and renewal, as we focus on the values of growth and sustainability in our lives.

Happy Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This day serves as a reminder of the power of growth and sustainability, as the resurrection of Jesus symbolizes new life and a fresh start.

Nuzul Al-Quran

As we celebrate Nuzul Al-Quran, the day that marks the revelation of the holy Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), we are reminded of the importance of growth and sustainability in our daily lives. The Quran is a guide for humanity that teaches us to strive for knowledge, wisdom, and the betterment of ourselves and those around us.

Have A Graceful Good Friday

On this solemn day of Good Friday, we pause to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for humanity. Just as His sacrifice paved the way for the growth and sustainability of humanity, we too must strive to make sacrifices and take steps towards a sustainable future.