May 2022

The Importance Of Positive Culture In Your Organization

Positive and constructive work culture is important for employees’ GROWTH and motivation. Whether we admit it or not, lots of organizations are ignoring their people’s emotive-based needs resulting in poor mental health. There must be a sense of urgency to do something about it for the organization and your people to grow or risk the possibility of losing your talents.

Leaders are encouraged to have an emotive-based engagement with a mixture of coaching techniques to avoid a toxic environment in their organizations. Questions like “What do you feel are the right things to do in order for you to move forward and be more confident?”, “What are you happy about despite the situation?” and “Which goal would give you the most sense of satisfaction?” can be used to check on your team’s well-being, feelings and thoughts about their current situation in the organization. Encouraging your team to voice their emotive needs and letting them have a say in the organization will create a resilient team and a positive work culture in a long run.


In our current professional work environment, leaders need to be able to make instant adjustments.
Disrupting the old ways of working to navigate businesses and operations immediately into a hybrid virtual model is crucial for business sustainability.

Happy Wesak Day

Today marks the holiest and most vibrant day in the Buddhist Calendar. It commemorates 3 important events to celebrate the Lord Gautama Buddha’s life- his birthday, the enlightenment, and his achievement of Nirvana.
Let’s reflect on the fundamental of open-mindedness and empathy that personified his life and teachings to GROW.

Coaching Leaders Improve Workplace Environment

Employees who are proud to work in a positive environment have better chances to make a difference and have a good feeling about their work. Applying coaching techniques in the workplace will activate the speed of self-directed learning, boost creativity and spur knowledge sharing among team members. These contribute to a comfortable and engaging work environment that all talents long for.
Building an engaging and happy working environment is not easy and can’t be done in a day. Patience and perseverance is key. Being a disruptive leader and trying to find a moment that you can coach your team in day-to-day operation will lead to this dream culture.

Coaching Approach Is Your Best Partner in Remote Working Environment

The recent pandemic caused massive disruption to business owners’ operations around the world. This forced them to disrupt the way they lead their team members virtually in a remote working environment to ensure sustainability.ow can leaders successfully lead their team in a remote environment effectively in the long run? What is the best way to manage your talents while working remotely? What does this turnaround mean to team members and their productivity?

Coaching Leaders Improve Workplace Environment


It is not a surprise when we hear people talk about comfortable and engaging work environments. It’s what most — if not everyone — would want in their organizations. Our immediate surroundings are not the only contributor to our comfort and performance. Applying coaching techniques and instilling coaching culture in your own organization can lead to that very dream as well.

Coaching will empower your talents; and when you become a Disruptive Leader that uses coaching, you will build a workplace environment that encourages Growth. Through coaching, every individual will experience the chance to contribute and be valued for their ideas. And this is important when we want to create an environment where our talents feel free to share solutions and collaborate.

Happy Labor Day

We often forget the people that run this world. It is not a regular conversational topic in our day-to-day life. From the smallest of jobs to the biggest responsibility held by world leaders, every task given has remarkable impact throughout the world.
So, this Labor Day, let us remind ourselves to celebrate those that keep the world spinning no matter how small their contribution might seem. No accomplishment is achieved alone and no task is less important than the rest.